What is the “in style” for the bottoms of pants in 2016?

What is the "in style" for the bottoms of pants in 2016?Bottoms of pants vary from skinny to wide. Take into consideration your height and body type when choosing pants not what’s trendy. There are pant styles for every shape figure. For example, in general taller women can wear fuller leg pants and short women look better in narrower leg pants. The style of pants that flatter you depends on your figure type. For example skinny ankle pants don’t look great on someone with large hips. If you have large hips pants with a boot leg bottom will be more flattering.

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Tips For Finding Pants that Fit and Flatter
Pants that fit and flatter are comfortable and can give you a stylish look. Trial and error are the best way to finding pants that fit perfectly and well worth the effort. Great fitting pants are  for just hanging out or add a jacket and they can give you a more professional appearance. Below are tips for finding pants that fit you perfectly and are flattering.

Dressing For Your Body Type
No two people are alike but there are similar shapes that can be categorized as body types. Knowing your body type/ shape is important. In order to look good you need to choose clothing styles that flatter you. Few if any of us have the “perfect figure.”

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