What is midi length?

What is midi length?Midi length refers to skirts or dresses that fall anywhere from just below the knee to mid-calf. Midi length skirts can be a challenge to wear. Consider how tall you are. Short gals should stick to skirts around the knees. Tall girls have more options when it comes to skirt lengths. Full and pencil style midi length skirts look great with fitted or cropped tops. Ankle boots, high heels and kitten style shoes look great with midi style skirt lengths. Top with a moto jacket.

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Fringe Fashion
Fringe fashion is a wardrobe must have. By now we have all seen how fringing has gone beyond an adornment piece to a downright necessary must have. We have the fringe sandal, classic fringed jacket, fringe skirts and handbags (we can even fringe our bangs-imagine that!) Now although the fringe trend comes and goes, this season it’s back with a fiercely stylish vengeance. It’s not just for the boho chic; it’s a down right statement piece. So style it up because fringe is hot, hot, oh caliente!

Hot Fashion, Classic Pleats
Hot fashion, classic pleats. There are a variety of pleated skirts or pleats as details on pants, blouses or dresses. Pleated skirts and dresses were shown in  a variety of hemline lengths and fabrics at runway shows. Of course pleated skirts are classics that have stood the test of time.  There is a youthfulness about pleated skirts. In light weight fabrics like chiffon and silk pleated skirts are swingy, energetic and feminine. Skinny pleats elongate your look with skirts that are knee-length or longer but wide pleats can add inches to your hips.

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