What is a shoetie?

What is a shoetie?A shoetie is a style of shoe that is a cross between a bootie and a shoe (a very short bootie or a very high heel shoe). It is a style that provides some coverage and is easy to slip on and off. Most shoetie styles have a zipper in the back of the heel. Currently they are considered very modern for warm weather. Wear shoeties with dresses, short shorts, long shorts, rompers and skirts too. Short females should wear them with regular length trousers and jeans to avoid looking dumpy.

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Design Your Own Shoes
Design your own shoes. When the shoe fits you can wear it. Maybe there is a “perfect pair” or pairs of shoes for all of us. Now you can get the latest shoe styles that you can walk in and be comfortable in at the same time. Shoes of Prey a company in Australia is an online resource for designing your own shoes.

Footwear Basics
Shoes can make or break an ensemble. In addition to choosing the right style and fit, caring for your feet and your budget are also essential considerations. Shoes are an investment therefore buy the best you can afford.