What is a shift dress?

What is a shift dress?A shift dress is a simple style dress that is similar to a sheath dress with less shaping. Favorites in warm weather because of their loose fit. Most shift dresses are sleeveless, short, with straight or A line skirts. They are comfortable because of their loose fit and considered casual. Especially nice in bold patterns or colors. Wear this style of dress with flat shoes or sandals. Avoid if your legs are unattractive.

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Fashion Heads Up For Spring 2016

Fashion heads up for Spring 2016. The buzz at Fashion Week in Paris was the Chanel flight of fancy. Attendees to the Spring / Summer 2017 fashion show st the Grand Palais received a boarding pass invite for Chanel Airlines departing from Gate 5 at 10:30 am. A perfect opportunity to introduce Chanel’s rolling luggage line.

The Sheath Dress

A sheath style dress defines the figure and is a timeless classics that is easy to wear. Sheath dresses come in a variety of solid colors, florals and prints. The beauty of the sheath dress is it goes everywhere. You can wear it to shop, to the office, a cocktail party and weddings.  A sheath dress can be dressed up with jewelry or a colorful scarf and they are available in a wide range of prices. A black sheath dress is the perfect LBD (Little Black Dress).

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