What is a down sweater?

What is a down sweater?A down sweater is a down jacket or lighter jacket that takes up no more room than a cardigan sweater. They can be worn alone for a power walk or under a coat or jacket to insulate and keep you warm. Down sweaters were originally designed to be warm but less bulky for hikers and climbers. Patagonia was among the first to come up with down sweaters and they offer them for men & women.  A number of brands have down sweaters and they come in a variety of colors. If you want your down sweater to be inconspicuous pick a color the same or near the color of your coat or jacket.

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How to Be a Smart Shopper
There is no need to run out and buy trendy women’s clothing. It is important to learn what the new trends are and decide if any of them will flatter you and are within your budget. Then you can add an item to your wardrobe when or if needed. Never dash out and buy something that is trendy because celebrities are seen wearing it. This is a waste of money unless the item flatters you.

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