What is a dickey?

What is a dickey?A dickey is a collar that looks like a complete blouse when layered under dresses or sweaters. There are also dickeys that are false fronts of sweaters, blouses or sweatshirts that can be worn under a jacket. A dickey gives an outfit a finished look without bulk or extra heat.

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The Basic Tee
The tee can be dressed up, dressed down, layered or used as a comfortable casual look for those laid back casual days at the office. T-shirts aren’t just the short sleeve basic anymore either. From long sleeve V-necks, ¾ sleeve length boat necks, or a simple V-neck, t-shirts can be worn chicly by every body type. So let’s style a TEE!

How to Be a Smart Shopper
There is no need to run out and buy trendy women’s clothing. It is important to learn what the new trends are and decide if any of them will flatter you and are within your budget. Then you can add an item to your wardrobe when or if needed. Never dash out and buy something that is trendy because celebrities are seen wearing it. This is a waste of money unless the item flatters you.