What is a camisole?

What is a camisole?A camisole or cami is a sleeveless, loose-fitting undergarment for women. It extends to the waist or below and can be made in different fabrics such as satin, nylon, cotton, blends or from stretchy material, like spandex. Camisoles come in a variety of colors and have narrow straps. Some have lace or decorative trim and look fabulous under dresses or tops that are too lowcut.

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French Lingerie
French lingerie, ooh la la! Lingerie can make a woman’s body look sensual, sexy and delectable, and there are pieces that are fit for every body type. But, how did lingerie get to the look it has today? Of course there are a wide variety of different styles that come from the minds of brilliant designers, but these all got their start a very long time ago. French lingerie has an interesting history, and still influences the designs that you see on store shelves today. Believe it or not, the look of lingerie has changed dramatically, and you might be thankful that it has, because some historical pieces don’t look terribly comfortable!