What color tops will go with caramel color, denim pants?

What color tops will go with caramel color, denim pants?Caramel color is a great neutral and every color in the rainbow looks great with a neutral. Choose tops in colors that flatter your skin tone and hair color. Black and browns also are attractive with the color caramel. A good way to find the best colors for you is to experiment trying a bunch of different color tops on and you will be able to tell which colors look great on you.

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Finding A Color That is Right For You
While there are many theories for how to determine the best colors to wear, many of them suggest you meet with an image professional for a color and skin tone analysis, not to mention an in-depth review of your current wardrobe.  Most do NOT tell you that choosing clothing is an intuitive process.  You are drawn to clothing pieces that relate to you and are often meant for you.

2015’s Must Have Color – Marsala
This year the must have color is reddish brown, named “marsala”, after the wine color. Every December panatone forecasts the most popular colors. They talk to designers in different fields to help predict the must have color.

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