What color top & shoes can I wear with metallic pants? The metallic pants are beige.

What color top & shoes can I wear metallic pants?Metallic pants are so cool and chic. They can be dressed up for a cocktail party or worn during the daytime with a denim shirt.  Matching color pants and shoes will elongate your legs. Any color top will work if you decide to wear nude color shoes or nude color shoes that have a luster or pearl finish. You can choose accessories that work with the top color you choose. For example if you wear a red top with your beige pants and beige shoes you can wear a colorful necklace that has red in it. With leopard print shoes you can wear a black or white top with your pants. A black top will look good with black shoes if you are medium to tall. For a cocktail party gold shoes and jewelry will work with a back or white top. Have some fun experimenting.

What color top & shoes can I wear metallic pants? What color top & shoes can I wear metallic pants? What color top & shoes can I wear metallic pants?


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How to Wear the Metallic or Shiny Trend
The metallic or shiny trend is hot! There are several ways to wear the metallic or shiny trend. Stylist choose one key piece like a shirt, skirt or statement handbag that is in a metallic or shiny fabric and keep the rest of the outfit simple or in a classic style. Wearing two accessories in matching color metallic like a silver belt with silver shoes looks very chic. A metallic or shiny handbag and shoes worn together or a metallic or shiny handbag with a belt are other ways to go. Accessories in patent leather will ramp up your daytime and / or evening style.

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