What color shoes should the bridesmaids wear with red dresses & pearls? My sister is getting married in Dec. Bridesmaid dresses are red & we are wearing pearls

What color shoes should the bridesmaids wear with red dresses & pearls? A number of shoe colors will work with red bridesmaid’s dresses.  Since December is associated with Xmas time, gold or silver metallic color shoes will look festive and stylish with red dresses. Black shoes or shoes dyed red to match the red dresses will also look great! Red dresses with pearls will be beautiful for a December wedding.

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Selecting Bridesmaid’s Dresses
One of the first duties of every bride-to-be is to choose her bridesmaid’s dresses and the maid of honor dress and decide what colors and / or style of dresses she would like them to wear at her wedding. It is considerate to discuss with the bridesmaids the style and color of dresses they would prefer to wear on the wedding day.

Holiday Clothing Fashion Tips
It’s holiday party time! What to wear to those holiday festivities does not have to be a problem. Before you venture out to shop look in your closet. You might find the holiday clothing you need without spending a dime.

Footwear Basics
Shoes can make or break an ensemble. In addition to choosing the right style and fit, caring for your feet and your budget are also essential considerations. Shoes are an investment therefore buy the best you can afford.

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