What color shoes & stockings can I wear with a red, knee length “sexy” dress?

What color shoes & stockings can I wear with a red, knee length "sexy" dress?You have a multitude of shoe color choices to wear with a knee-length, “sexy” style dress. Since you describe the red dress as “sexy” you can wear silver or gold shoes or shoes with sparkle for a dressy look. However neutral / cream color or black shoes will look good with a red “sexy” dress also. When it comes to choosing your stocking color consider the style and color of your shoes. Light color shoes (silver, gold, or cream) color closed toe styles look great with ultra sheer, neutral color stockings. Toeless, ultra sheer, neutral color, pantyhose or stockings look good with light color peep-toe style shoes.  If you wear black shoes, sheer black stockings look chic with closed or open toe style shoes. Experiment and do a mirror test before you go out!

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Sheer Stockings – This Seasons Style Choice
Thank goodness for the “Duchess of Cambridge,” who cannot be seen without sheer stockings, and celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce` for wanting flawless looking legs.  Now a polished look for day and evening is back with neutral sheers.

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