What color jewelry & shoes can I wear with an evening gown that is dark plum? The dress has matching iridescent beading on a sheer jacket & bodice?

What color jewelry & shoes can I wear with an evening gown that is dark plum? Your dark plum evening gown sounds beautiful. You can wear black suede or black patent leather closed toe slingback or pump style shoes. The  iridescent beading on your jacket will draw attention upward. Experiment with some different style earrings that work with the iridescent beading on your jacket. Look at sparkly black earrings or simple rhinestone earrings might work.

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A lot can be learned through trial and error when it comes to choosing earrings. The true test is checking the mirror to see how they look on you with the outfit you are wearing. To find the best earrings for you It is important to determine your face shape. Next when purchasing and wearing earrings consider the earring size, and shape, and your skin tone. If you have tiny features something lighter looking will suit you best. The opposite is true if you are a large woman, a larger size will flatter you.