What color hosiery should I wear? I am wearing a black skirt suit to a formal presentation later this week. I want to wear burgundy pumps. The suit is formal style, a fitted jacket with white collar & cuffs, & a below the knee skirt.

What color hosiery should I wear?Sheer black hosiery would be great! Hanes has a stocking called “Barely Black.” It is a sheer black/gray color that would look good. Take a look at the color and see if you can find a similar color in the brand you like best. Stockings give you a more polished look!

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Power Work Clothes
Power work clothes are simple style, tailored classics that are not frilly. You can build a work wardrobe of basic styles that say you are confident in who you are and that you are professional.

Power Dressing
Senator Clinton agreed to appear on the February cover of VOGUE then bowed out, saying that being on the magazine would make her seem “too feminine” in her race for the presidency.

Heel Heights and Hemlines for Business
can’t remember when there have been so many choices in shoe styles and hem lengths. It seems like anything goes! But not for business attire!

Power Scarves for Professional Women
There is nothing better or more luxurious in the scarf category than a Hermès silk scarf. This accessory (at least one) is a must have in the professional woman’s wardrobe. Their scarves have beautiful designs and can add color to a basic suit or dress that says power and authority in a quiet way.

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