What color heels would go best with teal color bridesmaid’s dresses, gray or nude? The bridesmaids are wearing teal (bluish green) dresses & instead of bouquets of flowers they will be carrying bamboo fans.

What color heels would go best with teal color bridesmaid's dresses, gray or nude?Nude / beige color heels will look great with the teal color bridesmaid’s dresses. The nude / beige heels will pick up the neutral / beige color in the bamboo fans. Your teal color bridesmaid’s dresses sound fabulous and fans instead of flowers will add a unique style to their outfits and the wedding ceremony.

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One of the first duties of every bride-to-be is to choose her bridesmaid’s dresses and the maid of honor dress and decide what colors and / or style of dresses she would like them to wear at her wedding. It is considerate to discuss with the bridesmaids the style and color of dresses they would prefer to wear on the wedding day.

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