What to wear to a dinner party?

What can you wear to a dinner party?Dinner party fashions depend on the venue of the party. Is it at a friend’s home? Is it a business related dinner party? Are there any dress suggestions / hints “formal”, semi-formal or “informal” on the invitation.

Dinner parties at friend’s homes are usually more in-formal and separates work well. Today young people wear their jeans everywhere. For example, today, it is acceptable to wear tailored jeans with a white shirt / or simple top and dress them up or down depending on the place the dinner will be held. You might want to dress up a little more for a Saturday night party. Check with the hostess for the dress code if not specified. A dinner at a fancy restaurant says dress up. Pull out your LBD (Little Black Dress) and add a trendy accessory.

For business dinner parties a dress, suit or separates are business like as long as they are not too revealing. It is always best to be dressed on the conservative side at business events. Semi formal or formal business parties usually call for a cocktail dress / LBD or dressy pants and dressy (silk, lace, velvet) top. It is perfectly alright to ask the person in charge of the event for the dress code.

One statement accessory is enough for any outfit. Smaller size bags are more chic in the evening than large bags.

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What can you wear to a dinner party? What can you wear to a dinner party? What can you wear to a dinner party?

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