What can I wear with my 3D mesh skater skirt? It has a colofrul floral waist band & numbered jersey print on the skirt.

skirt_skaterxYour 3D mesh skater skirt really rocks! It looks great with trainers too. It is definitely more casual than dressy. A cropped top, tank top, cotton tee or shirt style blouse will all look awesome with your skater skirt. You can also try a sweat shirt with the skirt. The top you choose can be in one of the colors in the floral band or white.

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How to Find a Perfect Prom Dress
The prom is coming up soon making it necessary to plan ahead if you want to find the perfect prom dress. Begin by searching magazines and online to see what is available and get an idea of what’s out there, what you like and price ranges. Then you can set a budget (ball park figure) for what you need to spend. Keep in mind you’ll need shoes, jewelry, purse and a wrap in addition to a prom dress. These items should be included in your budget. If you are getting your hair done and a manicure and pedicure they will need to be included also.

Packs and Sneaks
Two of the hottest accessory trends are packs and sneaks. This Fall Nike, Adidas, New Balance, and Reebok (to name a few) have been stylishly ordained “chic” along with their partners in crime the backpack. Why you might ask? I’d like to say it is based on pure function and simplicity but of course it isn’t. Long gone are the days where running shoes are simply for just that- running! Ha Haaa! Oh no wait minute let’s scratch that perhaps they are for running and maybe even function. Wouldn’t every fashion muse want to prance around town looking devilishly cool? Inspiring the not so fashion person to say-where’d she get that and I want one too.  The bottom line packs and sneaks aren’t just for back to school…let’s just say they are back to cool.

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