What can I wear with captoed, low-heeled slingback pumps?

What can I wear with captoed, low-heeled slingback pumps?Captoed, low-heeled slingback pumps are timeless classics. They are dressy and comfortable. The modern woman mixes up casual and dressy. Pair captoed, low-heeled slingback pumps with skinny or slim pants or washed, cropped denim jeans and oversized tops. Chanel created this iconic captoed, slingback pump in beige and black. It is practical, chic and with a skirt it gives the illusion of making the leg longer and the foot smaller.  See how today’s modern women rock these shoes.

Shoe Trends for Summer 2017
Shoe trends for summer 2017 seem to be colorful and many styles are embellished with colored stones, bows, feathers, ruffles and ribbons and designers favored see-through materials. If you want to wear statement shoes this season you are in luck.

Footwear Basics
Shoes can make or break an ensemble. In addition to choosing the right style and fit, caring for your feet and your budget are also essential considerations. Shoes are an investment therefore buy the best you can afford. Buy footwear in mid-afternoon when your feet are at their largest. Choose a style which suits your foot shape (do not force your feet into ill-fitting shoes). Be sure to allow some space between the end of your longest toe and the end of the shoe and ensure that the width fitting is correct. When buying shoes don’t expect tight shoes to loosen up.