What can I add to my wardrobe this fall to appear chic & / or stylish?

What can I add to my wardrobe this fall to appear chic & / or stylish?To give your wardrobe a stylish look this fall look at the designer trends. Furry, velvet, or patchwork leather shoes and boots are hot. Knits, pleated skirts, tights, big coats, and capes are fall favorites. Plaids, graphic and animal print clothing will be plentiful. To give your fall wardrobe a stylish and chic look add something in a graphic print or shine.

Build A Basic Wardrobe There is no perfect basic wardrobe that applies to all. A basic wardrobe takes into consideration lifestyle or clothing for all of our activities. If you are a hockey coach your wardrobe is going to be a lot different from a corporate lawyer’s. However when we choose a basic article of clothing it is something we should plan on wearing many times (getting our money’s worth). These items are like good investments since they will reward us many times in the future. When buying basics purchase quality pieces, not necessarily the most expensive.

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Pleats a High Point of Fashion Pleats are very hot fashion trends 2014. There are a variety of pleated  skirts or pleats as details on pants, blouses or dresses. Pleated skirts and dresses were shown in  a variety of hemline lengths and fabrics at runway shows. Of course pleated skirts are classics that have stood the test of time.  There is a youthfulness about pleated skirts. In light weight fabrics like chiffon and silk pleated skirts are swingy, energetic and feminine. Skinny pleats elongate your look with skirts that are knee-length or longer but wide pleats can add inches to your hips.