What are the hot colors for Fall 2015?

colors_bold-purpleFall/ winter 2015-2016 color trends include 10 different hues, according to Pantone. Some of the hot colors are olive-green, rose, orange, orchid, and whites (stark & cream). Color classics like grays, dark blues, browns, blacks and reds are always chic in the fall. Designers showed bold colors as well as pastels at their fall runway shows. When choosing colors be sure they flatter your skin tone and hair color.

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2015’s Must Have Color – Marsala
This year the must have color is reddish brown, named “marsala”, after the wine color. Every December panatone forecasts the most popular colors. They talk to designers in different fields to help predict the must have color.

Let’s Talk About Color(s)!
Sometimes a widely announced new color truly does dominate a season, other times colors seem to come out of nowhere. But have you noticed that in general there seems to be quite a bit of coordination between the clothing world, the gift world, and the industrial/interior design world regarding color?

What Message Are You Sending By The Colors You Wear?
Believe it or not what colors you are wearing can describe how you are feeling and what type of person you are. If you are wearing red or yellow you will be noticed fairly quickly. These colors are  good “attention getters.” You are probably an outgoing, confident, and warm person with high self-esteem.

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