Wedding Makeup 101 – Powder, Lips & Cheeks

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Wedding MakeUp
Illuminate the Face

Flattering wedding makeup draws attention to the brides face and illuminates her face. It is important to wear makeup that photographs well and is long lasting.


The powder color should be in line with your color complexion. It is imperative for long-term events such as wedding ceremonies to use matte-textured powder to avoid undesirable greasiness of the face in the photographs. More permanent make-up will keep the face fresher and the color consistent. An airy and elegant look can be achieved by “air-brush” makeup using beige shades, golden shades and the full range of light brown, gray and neutral tones.



It is a fact that the neutral tones are the safest choice for brides with straight features, but it is necessary to take into account the fact that pale lips appear even paler in the photos. The best choice is a few shades lighter lipstick than you normally use. To extend the life of the lipstick, firstly use a lip pencil to outline the lip, and then apply powder over them. Apply shimmer powder to the entire neckline area and the neck, to further emphasize the complexion. Use proper shimmer shades and do not forget to use waterproof mascara and eyeliner that can withstand any tears.


For the perfect cheeks use a blush that is two shades lighter. First, apply a neutral color onto the cheeks and along the hairline, and the lighter shade only on your cheeks. To get an additional impression of freshness it is necessary to illuminate the face in the “strategic” areas – the top of the cheekbones, the nose, the forehead and lower eyelid. Use your fingertips apply a small amount of bronzer to the cheeks.

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