Wedding Makeup 101 – Makeup Styles

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Wedding Makeup
How to Achieve the Look You Want 


That “look” is characterized by a nourished look with minimal makeup intervention, and alternative suggestions for the make-up range from extravagance to the dramatic. With this type of makeup is it necessary to achieve a look like there is no makeup on the face which is completely in line with the latest looks of the season, which is simple and devoid of enhanced definition of facial makeup.


Metallic reflection

Thanks to the latest “high-tech” formula of eye shadow, blush and lipstick an entirely new range old gold, copper, smoky tones was created. The newest textures are giving the face a bright, natural and sleek look. Highlight the eyes with long false eyelashes making an interesting contrast to the bright lips.

Seductive darkness

Dramatically shaded eyes using the “smokey eyes” technique are an interesting contrast to white wedding dresses. The use of multiple layers of color leads to an intensely enhanced look, which requires precise movement and therefore use color with caution. If you are not a fan of this well-known makeup technique, try out eyes that are accentuated by the feline look using the ultra modern eyeliner.

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