The Perfect Wedding Hair Style


Wedding Hair
Planning ahead is the way to go!

Planning your wedding hair style. With your wedding day soon approaching for every bride – to- be, planning ahead is the way to go. For this article I have enlisted the expertise of Edward, owner of Edward’s Salon in Mill Valley CA, to answer some frequently asked questions that will allow the bridal party’s salon visit to go smoothly.


Q: What is the most important area of focus when it comes to customer service for wedding parties?

A: Keeping the bride happy and relaxed, this goes for the mother of the bride as well. At this point, with so much work and planning behind them, it is time for some pampering and relaxation while letting the experts take care of the details.

Q: How should every bride-to-be best prepare for the first styling / hair appointment which involves a trial run?

A: Bringing photos of hairstyles to show which style direction you would like to  go is extremely helpful. Also, bring a wedding gown photo so the stylist can anticipate what looks will work best with the design. Lastly, bring the veil and any hair accessories so that placement can be established plenty of time in advance and application is easy on the day of the wedding.

Q: What advice do you have for the day of the wedding?

A: Remind the bride that this day is about the celebration of two people declaring their love for each other, and to above all enjoy this day and have fun!


Sara Beth Cuadra
Guest Writer