What should I wear to a xmas party on my legs & feet? I’m wearing a sleeveless black dress trimmed in white ostrich feathers. I have ostrich feather earrings.

What should I wear to a xmas party on my legs & feet?Black shoes and sheer black stockings (on your legs & feet) should give you a very elegant and chic look. Your black dress trimmed in white ostrich feathers sounds very festive for a Christmas party. Your ostrich feather earrings sound awesome and draw attention to your face.

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Feathers Make A Statement at Holiday Parties
Feathers Are flying. Designers are featuring fashions with head-to-toe feathers on dresses, adding them to tops and jackets, and overlaying them in stylish ways. Feathers are creating sweeping trains on evening gowns and will exaggerate movement while you dance the night away. A plus for wearing feathers is that they will help you accentuate your positive features. If you want to spotlight your face instead of your legs add some feathers around your neckline.

Holiday Chic
Holiday chic is festive and an excuse to dress up big time. If you can find something in your drawers and / or closet you can save time and money so panic, shop your closet. The trends below have been around for awhile and continue to be strong for holiday 2014.

Holiday Clothing Fashion Tips
It’s holiday party time! What to wear to those holiday festivities does not have to be a problem. Before you venture out to shop look in your closet. You might find the holiday clothing you need without spending a dime.

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