What do I wear under a long sleeve, oversized, gray crochet sweater? It has an oversized scoop neck.

What do I wear under a long sleeve, oversized, gray crochet sweater?A long sleeve oversized, gray, crochet sweater would look stylish over a turtleneck style top or a tank top.  Whatever you decide on wearing under your sweater should coordinate with your gray sweater and whatever the color of your skirt or pants are. A gray top with gray pants or a gray skirt with your gray sweater would be a great outfit. You can add a trendy colored handbag to give your outfit a POP of color and a chic look.

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Turtlenecks, Modern & Sexy
Turtlenecks or rollnecks or whatever you call them are key fall wardrobe pieces. The turtleneck is cozy on chilly days and the perfect piece for layering. They are versatile and can be dressed up or down. You can wear a bold statement necklace, scarf or brooch to add style with turtleneck tops.

Shopping for a Cardigan Sweater
Over the last several years, we have seen the cardigan sweater emerge as a garment that projects authority, a casual/comfortable authority. Anna Wintour, the British editor, whose opinion influences the fashion world was seen wearing them in the movie, “The September Issue”, a documentary about the creation of Vogue’s 2007 biggest issue ever. Michelle Obama wears them on occasion over dresses, skirts and pants.

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