Should I wear coral or silver jewelry with a royal blue sheath dress? I am wearing coral color shoes & a matching color bag.

Should I wear coral or silver jewelry with a royal blue sheath dress?Silver jewelry would look fabulous with a royal blue sheath dress, coral shoes and a matching coral color bag. Wearing coral jewelry with coral color shoes and a coral color purse would look too matchy, matchy.

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Jewelry Essentials
Like a basic clothing wardrobe you can build a basic collection of jewelry with a few pieces that can be worn for many years and on numerous occasions. The two most important considerations when choosing jewelry are quality and choosing pieces that compliment you. For instance, you should choose pieces according to your face shape, hair style, hair color, skin tone, and body proportion. Remember to buy the best that you can afford! A purchase of fine jewelry is a worthy investment.

Matchy, matchy or not! In my showroom, Moxie, at the San Francisco Gift Center, those two philosophies are embodied in my showroom manager, Silvia Cuadra, a very stylish Latina fashionista, and myself with a bit edgier outlook on the fashion game.

Politically Correct Diamonds “Lab Diamonds”
Now the environment in which a diamond naturally grows can be recreated above ground in a laboratory.  The results are gem quality stones the same as natural diamonds called lab diamonds. These diamonds are being graded by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) like natural diamonds using the 3 “C’s : color, clarity and cut.

How to Wear Colorful Jewelry
Even women who love color are sometimes concerned about how exactly to wear colorful jewelry. It’s easier than you think! And certain to help make your personal style and flair shine through in a most distinctive and beautiful way.