Wear A Hat?

Wear A Hat?Wear A Hat!

Wear a hat? Why not? A hat for the modern woman is a way to create personal style, stand out in a crowd and / or protect from the harmful effects of the sun, such as aging and skin cancers. Unfortunately we women have multifaceted lives today and are always on the go making wearing hats everyday not a very practical option.

After visiting the Degas, Impressionism, and the Paris Millinery Trade exhibit at the Legion of Honor in San Francisco. one wishes life was slower paced and we could wear gorgeous hats like the women in Degas’s and some of the other Impressionist artists paintings (1875 to 1914). Artists were fascinated by high-fashion hats and the women who created them and they were gorgeous!

Wear A Hat?The Millinery Shop (1886) – Edgar Degas

Hats were icons of the wealthy in the 1800’s but by the mid-19th century hats were worn by all classes in society. In the early 20th century women favored hats with huge brims. Some were so huge they could affect balance at times. Mid 20th century saw hats become a large part of women’s wardrobes. In fact women wore hats to match their outfits day and night and there were milliners in many cities to create hats for special outfits and special occasions. Late 20th century both women and men wore styles such as flat caps and peaked baseball caps that we are famaliar with today.

English women love hats and the Queen is rarely seen without a hat that matches what she is wearing.

┬áJackie Kennedy made the pill box hat popular fashion in the ’50’s.

Women wear hats today to add personal style, protect from the sun or stand out in a crowd!