Should I wear 3 inch strappy sandals or open toe slingback style shoes? I am wearing a long, fitted, one shoulder, champagne color dress for my son’s wedding in March. The strappy sandals are gold leather and the slingback style shoes are nude color. What color clutch?

Should I wear 3 inch strappy sandals or open toe slingback style shoes?My choice would be nude color open toe slingback style shoes with your long champagne color Mother of the Groom dress.  You will be on your feet for long periods of time so 3″ strappy sandals might be uncomfortable. Also gold shoes will draw attention to your feet. Nude color shoes will blend in with the champagne color of your beautiful, long, fitted, one shoulder dress. The focus of attention should be on your face with an up-to-date hairstyle, flattering make up and a pair of beautiful earrings. With a one shoulder dress earrings should be enough jewelry. If you wear gold earrings you can carry a gold sequin or leather clutch. If you are wearing sparkly (quality rhinestone or diamond) earrings you can carry a nude color or silver bag. If you wear pearl jewelry you can go for a nude color, silver or gold color clutch. Earrings in combinations of gold and sparkly or pearl and sparkly are other options. Go shopping for a stylish clutch that works with the jewelry you plan to wear.

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