A brown or black wax jacket?

A brown or black wax jacket?A brown or black wax jacket? There is a Wax jacket I like, but I cannot decide between brown or black. I wear brown leather boots on a day to day basis, plus have tan, grey, and black chinos. Which color would you recommend? I am trying to go for a smart outdoorsy look. Thanks!

A brown wax jacket would be a great choice since you wear brown leather boots on a day to day basis. A brown jacket will look awesome with the tan, grey and black chinos you have and enjoy wearing. For those that don’t know a wax jacket is an outdoor jacket made from waxed cotton fabric. Wax jackets might have tartan linings and corduroy or leather collars.

A brown or black wax jacket? A brown or black wax jacket? A brown or black wax jacket?

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What is a gilet?
A gilet is a lightweight vest or sleeveless jacket, pronounced “Jee-Lay”, with a streamlined fit . Sometimes a gilet is referred to as a body warmer. When worn with other warm clothes they keep the cold out. Gilets are very chic today and come in a number of different fabrics from fleece, quilted fabrics, fur, etc. and a wide range of colors. They are especially popular in the spring and fall when the weather is not too hot or too cold. Sports enthusiasts love them for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, shooting and fishing because they don’t restrict the arms and many styles have pockets. You can wear just about anything underneath a gilet whether it’s a long sleeve shirt, cashmere sweater or simple polo T-shirt. Add a pair of denims, dark jeans or warm trousers, and smart boots or wear over a skirt or dress and you are good to go.

What is Americana Style?
Americana style is a celebration of patriotism. It is made up of elements from Native American dress, western work wear, and what pioneer women wore living and working on the ranches across America. It is all about ease, casual and comfort. We are having a revival of the Americana trend. Prairie dresses and skirts, large check shirts, any thing in patchwork or quilted items are all considered Americana style. Bandana prints in red, white and blue, suede jackets with fringe or shearing coats and jackets are other items you can wear to show off an Americana style. Of course anything in denim, cowboy hats and boots are Americana style.

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