Improve Your Overall Health, Mood and Happiness?


A Holistic Coach Might Help

A holistic approach is based on finding the connection between what you eat and how you feel. How you feel is the key to unlocking the root problem? A holistic health coach will work with the you to examine all aspects of your life from spirituality, career, relationships, food and more. Now you may be asking how does this relate to my health ? Think for a moment does the stress at your job or in a relationship cause you to over eat? Or is there something lacking from your life that is causing a lack of motivation to exercise? It is all connected to one’s health and overall well being. Happy relationships, accomplished career, consistent physical activity, and positive thinking are all fundamental forms of nourishment as well as the food people consume.

In this form of coaching, it is mostly viewed that no one diet works for everyone. Each person has their own individual nutritional needs that work for their unique body. People get so caught up with all the media, books and articles available that it gets too confusing. There is an abundance of information out there, from eating too many calories, to how to lose weight fast, etc. Yet with all of this information available people are still suffering from high cholesterol, diabetes, obesity and chronic disease. It’s too general. A holistic health coach looks at what each person needs and figures out what foods work best for them. Amazingly, they work on adding foods rather than taking them away. They don’t deprive or eliminate foods, but they work with you to find a way to incorporate healthy choices gradually into your current diet. Eventually, less healthy eating habits cease to exist.

Holistic coaches work with each person closely to help incorporate healthy habits, which then become a natural part of their life, like putting on a pair of jeans. There are an array of holistic health coaches out there, but they all have one purpose and that is to help educate each client that is tired of the quick fixes and ready for a life change to a better and healthier person.

Working with a holistic health coach is not about quick fixes, but about a lifestyle change.


Marianne Bridgeman

Guest Writer

Holistic health coach and natural food chef expert.

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