Victorian and Vintage

Victorian and VintageVictorian and Vintage

Victorian and vintage (the double “V”) are inspiring fall fashion in clothing and jewelry. You’ll see it in lace, high-collars, brocade and ruffles in clothes and brooches, lockets, cameos and crystals in jewelry.


There are lots of places to find vintage bauble treasures: antique malls, vintage fashion shows, flea markets and on-line sites.


Victorian and Vintage Victorian and Vintage Victorian and Vintage


Rhinestone brooches as well as sweet little crystal drop earrings that dangle are fun. For good luck try a rose gold locket etched with flowers that contains your favorite Victorian-era relative. Or add a whimsical touch with “figural” pins like a butterfly, owl or dragonfly. Pot metal jewelry, especially birds from the ‘30s-‘40s, would lend an exotic look. As a replacement for a lacy high collar, try a pearl, rhinestone or faceted black bead multi-strand choker.

Downtown Abbey fans are waiting to fashion forward these Victorian looks. No time better than now.

Gail Ellerbrake

Gail Ellerbrake

Guest Writer

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