Venus Williams, Role Model

Venus Williams

Venus Williams
Role Model

The 2010 Wimbledon Tennis Tournament has begun. 5x Wimbledon women’s singles champion Venus Williams won her 1st match of the tournament. Not only is Venus a talented tennis player (Career Singles Titles: 43 & Career Doubles titles: 19) she has earned $27,066,778 USD in prize money, designs a clothing line EleVen (“V” Logo), has an interior design firm (V*Starr ) and has just finished writing a book.


Venus believes in being her best and looking her best. In 2007 Venus Williams launched a clothing line, EleVen (“V” Logo). It was suspended in 2008 but is set to re-launch in August. Venus says: “EleVen targets active women who want to look great in all parts of their active lifestyles – whether they are at the gym, market or dinner.” The collection includes dresses, shoes, pants, warm up suits and accessories.

At 30 not content to rest on her laurels, Venus with an esteemed group of experts (business leaders, politicians, and acclaimed artists), offers up a book of wisdom that shows how to turn a competitive spirit and athletic background into success off the playing field. In Come To Win these experts address issues like visualizing a course of action before it happens, turning losses into learning tools, figuring out who best plays what position in a team environment, or remembering that there is no substitute for preparation, etc.

Come to Win: Business Leaders, Artists, Doctors, and Other Visionaries on How Sports Can Help You Top Your Profession by Venus Williams