What jewelry would highlight a velvet outfit?

What jewelry would highlight a velvet outfit?A velvet outfit would look awesome with many types of jewelry. Gold, silver, pearls, sparkly (diamonds or rhinestones) or arty jewelry all can work with velvet. The trick to selecting the right jewelry to wear with a velvet outfit is knowing the style of what you are wearing and where you are wearing it. Today some folks wear velvet with casual clothes, others might wear something in velvet to the office or for a dressy occasion. A little experimenting is the best way to go. Because there are few if any rules any more when it comes to fashion, try different style pieces with what you are wearing to see what rocks your outfit. For the office a conservative approach is the way to go. A narrow ribbon tied around your neck is another option depending on the neckline of what you are wearing. The most important thing is be sure what you go out the door wearing looks flattering on you.

What jewelry would highlight a velvet outfit? What jewelry would highlight a velvet outfit? What jewelry would highlight a velvet outfit?

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The Velvet Trend a Must
The velvet trend is NOW! Luxurious, shimmery, sensuous, feminine and romantic are all words that describe velvet. Velvet has been around for at least 4000 years. In the past velvet was associated with royalty and once worn only by the rich. Velvet was considered a cool weather fabric but with innovations and technological advances it is possible to produce, cheaper, lighter weight and affordable synthetic velvet.

Can I wear velvet jeans in the daytime?
Velvet jeans are so sensual and delicious. Jean style pants are classics and a must have for every wardrobe. Today you can wear velvet in the daytime or evening and for casual and dressy. The only time you might not want to wear velvet jeans would be in hot weather. They would be too uncomfortable. There are so many ways to style velvet jeans. For a daytime casual look pair with a tee shirt or shirt style top. Animal print or metallic flats, ankle boots, oxfords or sport shoes will add some more style to your outfit. If your going to a luncheon you can wear velvet jeans with a silk or metallic shirt or a top in a dressy fabric. Heels and a cropped jacket will give you a dressy and / or professional look. Add a belt with a fabulous buckle or a statement belt if it looks good with the rest of your outfit.

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