Update Your Look With Stripes

Stripes are Going Every Which Way

Update your look with stripes! Fashions with stripes are going in all directions and on everything from shoes, handbags, tops, bottoms and dresses, etc. The great thing about stripes is everyone can update their look wearing stripes. Accessories like shoes, scarves, handbags, etc. or clothing that has stripes on trim or accents can give your look an instant fashion update.

Wearing striped clothing can be more of a challenge. It is important to choose clothing with stripes that are in proportion to your size.  You can mix thin stripes with wide stripes and stripes can be worn with florals, polka dots, checks and prints.

Vertically striped tops, pants or skirts can make you look taller and / or thinner. If your top is heavy a small vertical stripe will help give you a more narrow look on top.

Horizontal stripe clothing is great for the pencil / boyish type figure or if you want to appear wider in certain areas of your body. Horizontal stripes in your hip area will give the appearance of wide hips. If worn on a top your bust area will appear to be larger.

stripe_coulettes_2015More Tips For Wearing Stripes

  • Diagonal stripes can  give you a taller look.
  • Pinstripes are business-like.
  • Jeans & a striped T shirt worn together looks nautical.
  • Don’t wear stripe clothing and accessories together.
  • Thin stripes look best on petite frames.
  • A wide stripe of a single color across the bust area will give you a more busty look.
  • Horizontal stripe stockings are for tall girls with skinny legs.
  • Stripes make a statement, be sure that the rest of your outfit is understated.