How can I update my shoe closet? I am looking to stay current & fun without going too trendy.

How can I update my shoe closet? There are numerous ways to update your shoe closet this season. Runways were loaded with stylish mules, slipper style shoes, ballerina influenced flats and heels, retro-inspired platforms and boots. You might want to add a pair of sock boots, a hot style this fall, to your shoe closet .  Also, shoes in luxe fabrics like metallics and velvet are certain to update your look.

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Shoe Lover on Trend
As we strut our way thru Fall 16 what will be wearing to get us thru the many catwalk adventures we will face this season?  We will need to look our most fabulous to conquer all those chic adventures to come. Our vehicle of choice is the Mule a favorite among the Fashionista shoe lovers.

Are ankle socks with heels “in style”?
Ankle socks with heels are “in style” if you look good in them. However ankle socks are tricky to wear with heels and are not for everyone. Kristen Stewart pulls off the sock trend in Woody Allen’s new movie Cafe Society,set in the 1930’s, so expect to see this trend in the fall. Heels worn with ankle socks give an outfit an edgy look. They are awesome on young women or women that are very confident in their style. Ankle socks are easier to wear with low heels or flats than high heels.