What type of jewelry & shoes should I wear with a black silk dress? It is for my 18th B day & has a deep v-neck, lace at the neck & under the bust, the length is a couple inches above my knees & I am wearing a purple grayish tank underneath.

What type of jewelry & shoes should I wear with a black silk dress?From the description of the dress you are wearing, a black silk dress with “a deep v-neck, there is lace at the neck and just under the bust” with a purple grayish tank top underneath, there is a lot going on. Keep your  jewelry simple. Maybe diamond (or  zirconium) stud earrings would be enough jewelry. Black patent leather peep toe pumps, black sling back style shoes or black strappy sandals would look stylish with your silk dress. Happy birthday!

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Jewelry Essentials
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