What type of jewelry can I wear with a teal blue lace dress?

What type of jewelry can I wear with a teal blue lace dress?The type of jewelry you wear with a lace dress will depend on the style of it’s neckline. Most of the time earrings are enough jewelry with a lace dress. You can add a few bangles and wear a beautiful cocktail ring if you would like. If the lace dress is strapless or with a scoop neckline you can wear a simple style necklace. There are some beautiful simple gold or silver necklaces or chockers that would work with dresses that have low necklines. When choosing metal jewelry keep in mind your skin tone.¬† Pearls are always a fail safe choice. A lace dress makes a statement and one statement is sufficient for any outfit.

Green Lace Dress Black Lace Poppy Color Lace Dress

These dresses would look great without necklaces and simple earrings would look stylish with the red dress.

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How to Choose the Best Earrings for You
A lot can be learned through trial and error when it comes to choosing earrings. The true test is checking the mirror to see how they look on you with the outfit you are wearing. To find the best earrings for you It is important to determine your face shape. Next when purchasing and wearing earrings consider the earring size, and shape, and your skin tone. If you have tiny features something lighter looking will suit you best. The opposite is true if you are a large woman, a larger size will flatter you.

White Gems
Little white gems, or pearls are considered  the quintessential jewelry classic. Stylish and elegant women have always worn pearls. Little white gems go with everything from casual clothing to formal outfits. Every season pearls are a hot fashion trend in jewelry.