Turtlenecks, Modern & Sexy

Turtlenecks, Modern & SexyTurtlenecks, Modern & Sexy

Turtlenecks or rollnecks or whatever you call them are key wardrobe pieces and one of the most stylish staples a woman can wear. The turtleneck is cozy on chilly days and the perfect piece for layering. They are versatile and can be dressed up or down. You can wear a bold statement necklace, scarf or brooch to add style with turtleneck tops.


Style a turtleneck top under a dress, solid or print. Turtlenecks look great with tights, leggings with ankle shoes or ankle boots.. Wear a turtleneck with a skirt and belt or for a chic evening out a turtleneck looks great with a floor length skirt with or without a belt. There is nothing sexier than a black turtleneck and more vibrant than a red turtleneck. Both must haves for chic women.

Turtlenecks date back to at least before the 1800’s. They were originally worn by menial workers, navy sailors or officers, and athletes as undergarments.  In the 20th century they became associated with academics, philosophers, intellectuals, beatniks and artists. Audrey Hepburn wore a black turtleneck in Funny Face and women adopted and feminized this look in the 50’s.

More trivia: Turtlenecks are called ‘Polo necks’ in the UK and ‘skivvy’s’ in Australia.

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