Travel Wardrobe Planning

Travel Wardrobe Planning Travel Wardrobe Planning xx Travel Wardrobe Planning

Going on vacation? Make it easy,
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Travel Wardrobe

Travel wardrobe planning is essential for an enjoyable trip. Determine how many days you will be traveling and what activities you’ll be doing. Separates can be mixed and matched easily and you can add variety with colorful scarves and a few pieces of costume jewelry. Dress codes are relaxed today. No need for a lot of dressy clothes unless you are going to a special event like a wedding, etc.


Plan to take 1 suitcase for clothing and 1 bag for books and travel misc. Believe it or not you can travel for 3 weeks with just 1 suitcase of clothing. The less you have to haul around the easier it is to keep track of your belongings when visiting different places. Taking too little is better than taking too much. You can always send an item to the laundry or purchase a needed item if desperate.

Travel Packing Tips

  • The clothing you bring should go with one basic color (black, navy, brown, or grey).
  • Bring clothing that is comfortable not sloppy.
  • When possible bring easy to care for clothing. (Clothing that can be washed and dripped dry in your hotel room.)
  • Bring pieces with Lycra or Spandex that will hold their shape.
  • Bring pants & skirts in dark colors. Dark colored clothing does not show soil as easily as light color clothing.
  • Don’t bring expensive clothing or jewelry.
  • Pack all silver or all gold jewelry so you can mix it up in different combinations.
  • Don’t bring anything that can be worn with only one outfit. You should be able to wear each item with 2 other pieces.
  • Have 2 pairs of comfortable walking shoes so that you can alternate every other day.
    (Wear one pair and pack one pair). Bring one pair of dress shoes with heels (optional) for evening.
  • Bring a large tote bag with a top zipper (prevents pickpockets) and put a smaller purse inside (optional) for evening.
  • Wear stockings/socks when you travel by air so that you do not have to go through security lines barefoot.
  • When traveling by air wear clothing made of natural fibers. Man-made fabrics can melt onto your skin if exposed to intense heat.
  • Don’t use expensive luggage. Luggage tends to be banged around when traveling.
  • Mark your luggage with a colored ribbon so it is easy to identify.
  • A travel packing list will help you keep track of what you bring on the trip.
  • Before packing lay your clothes out on a bed and put outfits together you plan to wear for different activities.
  • Consider using FedEx or U.P.S. to ship some clothing to your final destination when traveling to different climates (beach weather 1 week & skiing another week.)

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