Travel Jewelry Essentials

Travel Jewelry EssentialsTravel Jewelry Essentials

Travel jewelry does not take up a lot of space in your luggage but will allow you to add style and variety to your travel clothing. The #1 rule when picking out jewelry to bring with you on vacation or a business trip is never, never bring anything valuable or that has a sentimental attachment. In other words leave everything at home that you would not like to lose. It is easy to leave behind small items in your hotel room when traveling, especially when changing many locations. Also, beautiful and / or valuable jewelry may be stolen.


Rule #2 keep it simple. Limit the number of earrings and necklaces you bring. Go through your jewelry and select pieces of costume jewelry that you can wear with several different outfits.  Metal jewelry and pearls go with everything.  Something colorful that goes with a lot of your outfits and makes a statement is another way to go. The less you bring the easier it is to keep track of your jewelry and enjoy your trip.

Wear one pair of earrings and bring 2 other pairs for variety and bring 2 or 3 necklaces when you travel. A piece of jewelry you buy on a trip is a great memento of your trip. Instead of packing too much buy a piece or two of jewelry.
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