Time to Shop for a New Swimsuit

Time to Shop for a New Swimsuit Time to Shop for a New Swimsuit Time to Shop for a New Swimsuit

Tips for finding the Perfect Swimsuit!

It’s just about Summer time! Time to shop for a new swimsuit! It’s both exciting and frustrating at the same time. You know choosing swimwear that flatters your body right will make a remarkable difference in how you look and especially how you feel.  Across the web there are lots of helpful tips, guides and videos about finding the right swimwear style for your body type. But we have some innovative tips you probably never thought of to help you find the totally perfect swimsuit.


A little self-preparation goes a long way.
Fixing your hair and putting on makeup can have a big impact on your opinion of yourself when trying on a swimsuit. Remember, how you look in a swimsuit is the overall picture, not just the outfit alone.  Also, you can put on some self-tanner a day before to warm up your pale winter skin. But don’t do this on the day you try something on as the tanner may rub off on the fabric. Don’t forget to shave your legs and paint those nails!

Look to the past.
Staying up to date with the latest fashion trends is very significant for many women. Sometimes those trends move away from what actually looks good on you. Don’t try to force it. Lying to yourself about looking good in a new style won’t help. When you come across a style that looks good on you why change? Check out older photos of yourself, what did you have on then?  Peek at what you bought in the past, notice what you liked and didn’t like. Even childhood pictures may give you fashion inspiration.

Look to the now.
Browse online swimsuit stores, fashion magazines, clothing blogs and other sources of fashion authorities for the latest swimwear trends. You’ll  never know when you’ll find a bathing suit style you fall in love with.

Check for inspiration in your own wardrobe.
Open up your summer wardrobe for clues as to what already works on you. Do you like how you look in V-necked tops? Try halter styles. Don’t see any solids in there? Look for suits with prints or patterns. Look at what colors you wear during the year. Chances are good that if they look good as clothes then they will also look good as swimwear. If you are still in doubt what color to pick, everyone looks good in a black swimsuit.

Don’t suck it in.
Not all women are built like a popsicle stick, and that’s just fine. Having larger thighs or a tummy is completely normal. Unless you plan on sucking it in all day, you will look worse not better, squeezing into a bathing suit that is a size too small.

Enjoy a Margarita!Enjoy a margarita (optional). We find it helps!

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