It’s Time to Re-evaluate

It’s Time to Re-evaluateCheck Out the New Spring Colors

Winter is a good time to re-evaluate your skin, make-up and your colors. Check out the new spring colors in lipsticks, blushes, foundation and other new  product introductions. This is the perfect time to have your make up done by a professional at your favorite make up counter.

Your Skin

Take a look at your skin. The winter months tend to take a toll on your skin. Changes in the weather often dehydrate the skin. Start by having a good facial. This is a great way to get a good cleansing and then you can get a skin consultation. And don’t forget to moisturize and protect your skin with a sun block.

Your Make-Up

Take a make-up inventory. Eyeshadows, liners, blush and lipsticks have a longer shelf life while mascara should be replaced every three months. Get an idea of what you already own and make sure it is in good condition before you shop for new products. If you can’t remember how long you have had it you should probably toss it. Two years are about max for most products. Also, any make-up products with an odor should go.

Your Colors

How long has it been since you have tried some new colors? Check out the new spring colors. Check your foundation and powder colors by generously applying foundation and powder with a q-tip and draw a line from check to jaw. Take your finger and gently blend down. If the color doesn’t blend it is time to get a new match.

Most of all take the time to make yourself feel good. Whether it is a facial, a massage or that new pair of shoes, take time out to pamper yourself and start out the new year right.


Keely Gershen

Guest Writer

Esthetician and Makeup Artist