Time to Dress for A Job Interview

Looking Good for A Job Interview

Time to dress for the job interview. You have managed to get through several phone interviews and you are meeting a prospective employer in person.  How you look and what you wear are soooo important. The first impression you make has to be good if you want to get that job. Obviously they are interested in you since you have managed to secure an in person interview.


Good grooming
Before you decide on what to wear start with good grooming. That means a good hair cut and simple hair style or tie back long hair away from your face. Simple make up is classy. Forget about dramatic eye makeup or bold color lipstick.  Well maintained clean nails are a must. Neutral color nail polish is best so attention is not on your nails. Nail art is not appropriate for job interviews and cover any tattoos.

What to wear
Keep it simple. You want the focus on you not on what you are wearing.  You can’t go wrong wearing a pants suit, skirt suit, or a sheath dress with a jacket for an executive level position.  For Internet, Ecommerce, computer and IT jobs it is important to research the company culture before you go for the job interview. Check with HR to find out the dress code if possible. If you know someone at the company ask for advice on what you should wear. In most situations a clean well pressed pair of pants or skirt with a crisp blouse and a cardigan sweater will be appropriate. If jeans are acceptable wear dark tailored jeans. Whatever outfit you wear it should be in a style that flatters you and fits well. Conservative well polished shoes and simple jewelry complete any outfit. Do an outfit test the day before to see if your outfit looks good and is comfortable.

What to avoid.
Low necklines  are absolutely out. The  top you wear should be close to your collarbone. Never wear tank tops, sheer tops, lace tops or anything with spaghetti straps.
Short skirts are another no no. Your hemline should be close to your knees.
Heels should be no higher than 3 inches to avoid falling on your face. Athletic shoes are too casual for any job interview.
Don’t wear bold prints or try mixing prints