Thinning Hair

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In recent years, I have heard growing concerns from some of my female clientele regarding thinning hair. Even though the majority of these ladies do fall into the over 50 demographic, I was not satisfied to simply dismiss it as a mere side effect of aging. Through my own research, experience, and a growing wealth of new information flooding the beauty industry I have been able to find some helpful solutions which I am hopeful will create a positive starting point for many.


Since the 1980’s it became very popular to shampoo the hair daily and while I am not convinced that it directly leads to hair loss, it can be excessively drying to the hair. The real culprit lies with certain ingredients that the shampoos contain. Sodium lauryl sulfate(SLS) and ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS) are found in many inexpensive shampoos and are what give it that familiar foam. According to the Journal of the American College of Toxicology, these sulfates at concentrations of 2 percent which is much lower than the 20 percent found in many shampoos were found to be irritants. Further studies have shown both SLS and ALS cause damage to hair follicles, potentially resulting in hair loss. Sodium and ammonium laureth sulfate which are closely related to the previously mentioned products have been used as a substitution but unfortunately have been found to have irritant effects as well. The best solution is to read labels and choose from a growing number of products that are sulfate free such as Agadir daily moisturizing shampoo, or Pureology Hydrate shampoo.

Sometimes the issue starts from the inside due to a deficiency of particular nutrients. Fish oil which is rich in omega 3’s assists in improving the condition of dry skin and hair. If your hair is losing luster, Biotin can help replace it while also restoring moisture to dry skin and brittle nails.



Sara Beth Cuadra
Guest Writer