The Perfect Scent

Tips for Choosing the Perfect ScentTips for Choosing the Perfect Scent

There are hundreds of new upper end perfumes introduced in the US every year. Not to mention hundreds are introduced in other countries each year also. No wonder it is confusing to find a scent that you like or “the perfect scent”. With so many cologne and perfumes to choose from one can easily be overwhelmed.


1. When choosing a cologne or perfume begin by identifying the scents you prefer (flowers, lemons, vanilla).

2. If you like the smell of a cologne or perfume that someone is wearing, ask for its name. Then test it to see if it works with your body chemistry.

3. Wear a perfume for several hours before making a decision to purchase.

4. Make several trips to the perfume counter before deciding on the right product for you.

5. Ask for samples to try out at home.

6. Enlist the help of a knowledgeable salesperson.

Below are the 7 Basic Perfume Types

Floral: These are flower based scents and create a distinctive floral bouquet (jasmine, rose, white flowers).

Fougere: Fern or forest-like scents popular for men’s fragrances.

Chypre: A perfume structure with fresh notes, (mainly Citrus) used in many mens colognes.

Leather: Has characteristics of leathers.

Woody: Have freshly cut dry wood and moss scents.

Perfumes that are full bodied and tenacious, like oakmoss and animal scents (spices, vanilla, patchouli).

Citrus: They are derived from citrus fruits. Citrus blends are refreshing, but are the first to evaporate.

Where to Apply Perfume or Cologne

Behind your ears

On the inside of your wrists

Inside of your elbows

Your cleavage area

Behind your knees

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