The Key to Business Success: Sales Experience


Successful People Know How to Sell

A great way to begin a business career is to receive some formal training in sales.  Starting out in sales usually involves learning what sales is all about and how to present a product to a buyer.  The more you can comprehend and implement in the area of sales, the more successful you will be in your career, even if you’re never in a conventional sales job again.

The reason is quite simple: successful people know how to sell.  They progress through a series of ever more complex sales activities.

1) they learn how to sell products or services; then
2) they learn how to sell themselves as a person to an organization; then


3) they learn how to sell their ideas to an organization; and ultimately,
4) if they reach senior management, they will be selling a vision of the organization to top management or their peers.

So rather than seeing sales as time wasted, one should welcome the opportunity and experience to develop life long sales skills.  From one’s earliest years (when we tried to get our way), to the top of the corporate pyramid, we rely on selling to achieve our goals.


R. David Silva
Career Editor