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Can I makeover my wardrobe on a budget? I’m going into 10th grade & I am a tall, flat chested, skinny black Nigerian girl with scars on my legs, & chest that I don’t like to show. My closet right now is filled with jeans & t-shirts.

A wardrobe makeover is always possible even on a budget. Congratulation on wanting to improve your look with a wardrobe makeover. Wearing jeans and t-shirts all of the time is very boring. Before you start on your upgrade project don’t throw out all your jeans and t-shirts (teen’s staples) and answer a few questions. What…

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How can I find a NEW style? I am 22 yearrs old and I want to look a little more mature but I have no idea where to start. I want a new wardrobe but I’m on a budget.

22 is a great age to leave your teen look, style and clothing behind and move into clothes that look more mature but not too old. Take into consideration what activities you are involved doing when making your plan. Once you have a plan shop for the clothing items you need during sales. You can…

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What Should a 16 year old high school student wear? I need your help!

Your high school years are a time to experiment with clothes by trying a lot of different styles and colors to see which are most flattering. Determine your figure type / body shape (triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass or rectangle) so that you can choose styles that flatter you. Look around to see what other girls…

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