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Can I wear a wool gabardine jacket with tweed or flannel?

A wool gabardine jacket is a wardrobe basic and a great clothing investment. Wool gabardine is a tightly woven fabric that you can wear with many types of fabric including tweeds and flannels. Mixing different fabrics in an outfit can add style to your outfit. Try wearing a wool gabardine jacket with silks, linen and…

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How can I find a NEW style? I am 22 yearrs old and I want to look a little more mature but I have no idea where to start. I want a new wardrobe but I’m on a budget.

22 is a great age to leave your teen look, style and clothing behind and move into clothes that look more mature but not too old. Take into consideration what activities you are involved doing when making your plan. Once you have a plan shop for the clothing items you need during sales. You can…

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Build A Basic Wardrobe

There is no perfect basic wardrobe that applies to all. A basic wardrobe takes into consideration lifestyle or clothing for all of our activities. If you are a hockey coach your wardrobe is going to be a lot different than a corporate lawyer’s.

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