Sun, Sea, Sand and Sunscreen


Sunscreen for Protection

For those of you who are vacation ready and heading off to a sunny sea location to decompress, here are some important items that must not be left off of your checklist. Let’s start from head to toe.


From Kerastase is the Soleil Huile Celeste, an extremely lightweight protective oil finishing spray with UVA and UVB filters. Hydrating macadamia oil helps the hair from becoming overly dry, and micro reflective particles give a radiant shine. Great to keep handy in your beach bag and light weight enough to reapply when needed.

When it comes to sunscreen protection in general there seems to be an overwhelming abundance of choices, but according to dermatologists and skin care professionals there is one new item that is way ahead of the pack. Mexoryl is an ingredient that has only recently been introduced into US sun protection lines but for over a decade has been available in European and Canadian sunscreens. L’Oreal is the most recognized company that manufactures sunscreen with this amazing ingredient and can be found under the name L’Oreal Ombrelle. What really sets Mexoryl apart from the rest is that it has both UVA and UVB filters and unsurpassed photo stability. I find it gives an incredible amount of protection, especially to the chest area that is constantly exposed to sun in warm months. Shade in a bottle!

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Sara Beth Cuadra, Beauty Editor



Sara Beth Cuadra
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