Is there a perfect summer handbag? I am planning to go shopping for a new bag.

Is there a perfect summer handbag?A perfect summer handbag is a raffia bag. They are so chic in the summer. In a solid color neutral a raffia handbag can be worn with many different outfits and for many different occasions. Raffia bags come in a number of styles, sizes and colors. Solid color neutral bags can be a better investment since they can be worn with more outfits. Embellished and colored bags in general are more casual looking and / or limit what you can wear with them. Darker color bags, such as  black or chocolate,  look good with dark color outfits and look a little more dressy than light color bags. As far as styles go a handbag that you can wear over the shoulder, with handles  and /or clutch are the most versatile. Choose a size bag that is in proportion to your size. Tip: smaller size bags look best in the evening.

Is there a perfect summer handbag? Is there a perfect summer handbag? Is there a perfect summer handbag?

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How to Select a Handbag
How to Select a Handbag. Investing in quality is very important when selecting a handbag.  A good quality, classic handbag is a simple leather bag without a lot of ornamentation. Make sure that your handbag is well made. The stitching should be secure. The zipper should be strong enough to work properly. Fabric bags should have zippers that do not get caught in the material of the bag. A good quality handbag should last for many years.

How to Choose a Designer Bag
A designer bag is a huge investment. These bags can set you back thousands of dollars. Many women collect these bags because they love status symbols.  If money is not an object and you want to purchase a designer bag how do you choose the right one.

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