Is it out of style to wear a black pinstipe pant suit? The pants have a cuff .. trying to get ready for an interview.

Is it out of style to wear a black pinstipe pant suit?A black pinstripe pant suit should be very “in style” for a job interview. Be sure it fits you perfectly and flatters your figure type. If you don’t like the cuffs visit your favorite tailor and have them removed. You are very smart to plan what to wear ahead of your  job interview. First impressions are very important.

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How to Dress For a Job Interview
It is a well-known fact that the first impression that someone gets of you counts big time. Today job interviews are more involved when looking for an important job. You want to land the position or to be asked to come back for another interview when necessary. Your clothing and the color(s) you wear can help you make a good first impression.

How to Dress for a Successful Job Interview
The job market at the moment is VERY competitive. I know…I am one of the competitors! Much of what goes into looking for a job is important. Your resume has to look good to get you in the door.  Most people are so excited when an interview comes around that often what to wear to the job interview becomes more of an issue than it used to be.  Believe it or not what you wear is a bigger part of a great first impression than you imagine. Good first impressions are so important!!

The Key to Successful Job Interviewing: Interaction
Successful job interviewing requires interaction. It is not easy to get a job interview; so make the most of the opportunity.  Here are some suggestions for increasing your odds of turning the interviewer into an advocate for you to be hired.

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